What is Taekwondo 
TAEKWONDO is a traditional Korean Martial Art, which has more than 3,000 years history and has become a modern version of Martial Arts style. It uses bare hands as well as feet not only for defending but as weapons. TAEKWONDO has various kinds of hand techniques for defending and attacking, but more distinguishable thing is that has more various and much stronger kicks than any other Martial Arts. We can’t just say TAEKWONDO is a kind of sport, but it is an excellent cardiovascular workout and even teaching spiritual ways of life.



Who Can Learn Taekwondo?
From children over the age of 3 ½, teenagers to adults, male and female, no age limit in fact.

Classes are scheduled depending of the age and levels from the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

MAHANAIM TAEKWONDO STUDIO Programs take everybody from Basic level to Advanced level according to our unique and specific standards. Also, you can experience various kinds of Mixed Martial Arts including Hapkido, Judo, Weaponry techniques for self defense skills as well as Olympic style TAEKWONDO sparring.




Blocking & Punching techniques
Combination Movements
Various Kicks, Jumping Kicks, Multiple Kicks
Self Defense Skills, Break-Falls
Breaking Techniques
Various kinds of Sparring including Olympic Style
Weaponry class: Nunchaku, Kumdo (Bamboo Sword)
How to concentrate your power
Disciplines & much, much more…